Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bye Savannah!

Savannah’s anchor is up, Monica at the helm and Andy at the bow, Savannah is making her turn to head south. Matt hoisted the last 50 feet of anchor chain of Endurance, he secured it, I put the boat in gear, turned up the throttle. Endurance makes her turn to head north. It used to be a decision when we were going south, but today, as we are going north, is an obligation, we must go home. We separated with friends painfully not knowing if it was a forever goodbye or just a long time. Although I certainly hope we see them again, I find myself and my girls being emotionally better prepared for these moments. They were meant to come and go, we were meant to enjoy them and let them continue!... we were meant to have dinners at their boat, eat their fish, drink their wine…haha (Just kidding!)

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