Thursday, November 18, 2010

Are we nuts?

Most cruisers here in Escondido are preparing to go across to the main land and then south or across the Pacific, but not us, we are going the wrong way! Matt wonders what it would be to say “we are going across, we are going to do the Puddle Jump” (the name given to the crossing to the Marquesas) instead of “we are at the end of our voyage, we are heading home” At the same time we are challenged with the opinions that life on land is so much more expensive, that the economy and the way the US is going is so out of control, that there will be hardly no work, that the world is under stress. Life on board is easier, safer and wiser… really? It may be true, it may be not. I believe life balances between the positives and negatives wherever one chooses to live. Traveling is a wonderful thing, but I can’t say it is all bliss, I have had my tears of frustration, of fears and anger as much as laughs of joy, contentment and love; traveling as a family in a boat is amazing, it keeps us close together, but it is the same closeness that suffocates you at times. Visiting new places all the time is fascinating, but constantly moving is a tiring pastime. Not having to get up and work every morning is an enviable situation, but not having the money is limiting and dangerous too. No matter how we put things into consideration for whether to return or not, it is pointless. This is our time to rebuild… it all.

I know Matt and I have different feelings about this, but I am excited to be back home, a large kitchen to cook, a washing machine to keep a clean wardrobe, a shower to get into every morning, a birthday party to go to on weekends, a day of shopping for unessential things, a library day with the girls and so on. I am aware that all these things I can live without, but it’s sure nice to have. Living simple is a skill that I have not achive to master yet! On the other hand, I am sad to end this trip, naturally. It has been so rich in so many ways, especially because of all the people we have met. Would I do it again?

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