Sunday, November 28, 2010

Red Tide

 I was thinking that most of the learning was over, but nature managed to throw us a new subject to explore; RED TIDE. What an amazing phenomenon! It is almost unreal.  Like arteries, spreading and interconnecting, moving fast to have the whole harbor covered in red. I expected to see dead fish on shore, but no. Apparently the red tide not always is a maligned event, it all depends on the kind of algae that multiplies and the amount of it. Sometime it could get to such extent that it will kill fish, shellfish and all it could make breathing for human difficult. Ok! But today, that it is not the case and we all, including seagulls, fish and shellfish have survived.

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  1. Wow! Cliff & I saw that many years ago during our only visit to San C. during cold weather. It was spectacular & this sea was named Vermillion Sea by one explorer because of it!
    Everyone is very excited to see you all! We are hoping you have a safe voyage home, amiga!