Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I shower dispute

When water is restricted and showering is, at the most, a once a day event, then it takes some planning. We must pick the right time of the day when the water has been warmed by the sun, the wind is not blowing and all the swimming is done. I had done all the calculations in my head, I had it all previously envisioned; I was to fill the solar shower, hang it up in the mast, soaped, shampooed and conditioned my hair, dry, dress and start dinner. It all sounded so cozy. We have a shower in the bathroom, but Matt considers that it is not a good idea, if something goes wrong with the plumbing it would be hard to fix and it could compromise our water reserve. That is why we got not one but two solar showers. So, I told Matt what my plans were that afternoon and he made a face of disapproval, “setting the solar shower is so much work!” he says, “could I dump a bucket of water over you instead?” he adds. “First he takes away my shower at home, then the shower in the head (bathroom of the boat), then the solar and now he wants me to use a bucket?” I thought in fury. “I will do it all myself” I said. As I am setting it up, the girls are arguing and calling me from bellow, they need assistance, Matt is riding the dinghy and I am trying to pick up a slippery and heavy jug to pour the water into the solar shower. I started pouring and the hose came undone so our precious fresh water is shooting out of the bag and going down the open hatches. I am trying to stop it, trying to ignore the screaming children and controlling my feelings of disappointment on my husband for not trying to help me. I couldn’t contain the tears of anger and frustration. Matt must have felt my emotions pretty closely, he cooked dinner that night and offer to help me with the water.

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