Monday, November 15, 2010

Touring the Sea with our friends from Imagine

After the goodbye and farewell wishes from and to our friends from Whatcha Gonna Do we set the course to ride out of La Paz channel and into the National Park of Isla Partida a little bit past 1:00 PM. Behind are our friends from vessel Imagine who will be joining us for the next few days in the next few anchorages. The girls are in heaven, after so much time of solitude for the next few days they will have Hollie and Shei all to themselves in amazing anchorages to explore together.

In the way out we were encountered by a beautiful whale shark. All by herself, a giant spotted fish, not a big whale, not a spooky shark, but rather a cute creature. She was beautiful and tolerant of us, the curious cruisers who circled around her to get second looks and better picture shots. I declare myself ignorant of the dangers of being close to them, but the experience was for sure exhilarating and worth the exposure.

It was close to sunset when we dropped our anchor at Caleta Partida, the moon was coming up almost full, the gilrs were sitting in the mast trying to grab it. Matt was making sure the lines are all in place and tight. Imagine was making is entrance to the bay. Different shades of red bounce out of the mountains. The green/blue of the water and my so hopeful and cheerful mood complete the scene. All pieces put together into Art to hang around our walls of immortality or simply put to fill the screen of my D60 Nikon camera. The girls’ plans to get together are quickly landed on hard bottom when we agreed to see each other the next day for breakfast instead.

The next day the energy levels were high, there was no need to push for the chores to be done, the hairs to be combed, the bathing suits to be put on. The girls new there was no time to waste; there were games to play and chats to chat. We dinghied over to Imagine for a nice warm cup of coffee on board. Soon we were all climbing our floating devices to head on to the beach. Shelley on her kayak, Matt on the windsurf, David on the Jet Ski and the rest of the girls in our dinghy with me as the driver.

The day ended with a beautiful sunset and dinner over imagine. The girls were invited to have a sleepover, but only Trinidad was able to take advantage of such generous invitation. Samantha was complaining of a headache that had me a little concerned. Earlier that day she fell down the companion way ( a 3 step ladder that takes you out to the cockpit of the boat), she scratched her back and bump her head, I was afraid the pain was a consequence of the event, but luckily everything was all right the next morning. Shelley and David invited the girls to sail to the next location 3 hours away in their boat. For the first time I realized I enjoyed steering the boat, hoisting the main and throwing fishing line out. For the first time I realized how I could love sailing knowing that nothing could get in the way of me and a book, of a conversation with my husband and a confrontation of my thoughts….Although, I must be honest, my thoughts are not always thoughtful and not always pleasant, realizing that, I started to miss my girls.

The sail was good, the fishing for us unsuccessful, but Imagine had better luck. Matt called David on the radio and this is what David said:

“I could have used your help”

“I just got a shark on the hook and I need it to unhooked it”

“I had to cut the line”

Understandably, he was not about to bring that amount of teeth on board. The girls got to see and live the excitement of it.

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