Thursday, November 18, 2010

Puerto Escondido

As we are making our ways into the mooring area we spotted a dinghy heading in opposite direction with our friend from Savannah. We met them at the beginning of our cruising life in San Diego. At that point Andy was a few months away from retiring as an underwater video/photographer for the Navy and Monica was about to call it good on her job too. They were going to go sailing several months after us, we were not expecting to see each other for at least 5 years, but.. oh well we changed our plans and now they see us end the trip as we see them start theirs.

There is no town in Escondido, just a marina and a hotel nearby were we will go swimming. There is a well organized Cruisers Club that meets in the marina every day. It seems like a good place to hang out. We stayed longer than expected, partly because of weather and partly because it was comfortable and the kids had other kids to play with.

The highlight of our stay in Escondido was the celebration of Halloween. A potluck and costume contest. Samantha dressed up as an Indian, Trinidad as a Gipsy and I as something like a beer girl from the Alps. We all won a prize and the girls had more candy than a parent should want their kids to have. It was a fun evening!

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