Monday, November 15, 2010

Swap meet

We arrived just am hour before it started, pulled out things out of the closets, drawers, cubbies and laid it all out. I would say it was successful. We sold items like the one man kayak we barely used, a diving tank we never used, some sophisticated binoculars with built in camera and night vision that never seemed practical enough to use and if they did not come with the boat we would have never had them on board. We managed to pocket some money, but we did make a major purchase to replace the kayak. A windsurf. Matt was an avid windsurfer, but has been seriously deprived from such pleasure for decades. Initially was short of money, then short of space, then short of time and while in Arizona, short of ocean. I felt that if he wanted to relive the excitement, show off and teach his girls, now is the time! Not to mention that the windsurfing board could be used as a paddle board… Hot item at the moment!

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