Friday, April 16, 2010

Bahia Conejos (Rabbit bay)

Too hot one day, we decided to take a taxi to the beach making the mistake of letting our driver choose our destination…haha. He didn’t abuse our stupidity too much, just a little. He took us to Bahia Conejos. He said: “this is a great beach for the kids!” we believed him. He charged 65 pesos..mmm. Completely sure that he was charging too much, but we failed to ask before. Why? maybe to teach the kids the protocol of taking a taxi. Samantha now reminds us all the time, “ask how much it will be” she says before we put a foot inside. We walked down a dusty trail of thirsty trees to get to the beach and when we arrived we noticed we were the only ones there, with the exception of the owners of the palapa with cold beer. The beach was intimidating! I didn’t want to submerge any further than my knees and of course I didn’t want the kids to venture much more than that either. There was a confusing tide, waves and current.

But, when life gives you lemons.. get a Cold Corona!! We enjoyed a drink, picked some coconuts, watch the local use his machete to cut it open and after drinking the milk, we ate it. The girls benefited of having our full attention, they had a good time.

The temperature has really played against our desire to discover the towns and bays around. Its hot, but worse of all, humid. There are fantastic beaches around, I would hate to miss seeing them. Matt must finish with the boat projects soon and then we may do some day sails to explore more of paradise.

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