Friday, April 30, 2010

Chachacual and India

We moved over the next bay for a little more exploring. No restaurants in these bays, just us and a few minutes later a single “panga”. A “panga” with maybe 6 people on board, 6 people that moved fast enough to set up a whole restaurant in minutes; umbrellas, tables, chairs, coolers with beer, sodas and Juices, tacos and even the jewelry to be sold to tourist on the beach. The tourist came later, big catamarans with music, full blast as always, with mainly, local tourist exploring the bays.
By 4 o'clock everyone was gone, it was just nature and us, a solitud almost frightening, but amazing, we dinghy from beach to beach unable to determine which one was more perfect. The one with emerald green water, the one with more emerald green water and hermit crabs (great kids entertainment) or the one with Coral on the sides, cristal clear emerald green water and snorkeling paradise.

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