Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Puerto Angel

It is a very small bay with good anchorage, crystal clear water, clean. It was hard to find an open spot in the protected area of the bay to anchor since it was almost fully occupied by the fishing “pangas” and another sailing vessel “Ganymede” (the vessel with the three little girls on board). The girls are happy to see that their friends are here and they are already planning visits to each others boats and trips to the beach. We are set, we have our bathing suits on and we are ready for the instant cooling performance. 1-2-3 Splash!

We planned to stay here for a couple of days, but tomorrow it will be a week. Considering that we still have one more month to spend in Mexico before going across the famous and not very friendly Golf of Tehuanapec, we decided to take it easy and spend time here with our friends from Ganymede.

There are two beaches in the bay, “El Panteon” (the cemetery) and “Playa Puerto Angel” the two connect by a nicely built stone wall. They both have good places to hang out and swim, but have mainly enjoy “El Panteon” because one of the restaurant owners has gone
out of his way to serve us.

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