Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Its time to go

I have found that if we stay too long in one place the boat becomes smaller, the sun becomes hotter, the beach vendors more insistent, the people trying to take advantage of us more abundant and the sailing life a little rougher.. I guess its time to move on. We run out of propane, the hammocks of fruits and vegetables are swinging empty, the freezer is just making ice and keeping a fish that Omar gave us this morning, the can’s compartment is only hiding dirt, we have almost depleted our can supplies, well, at least the most useful ones. There is a can of SpagettiOs.. that no one likes, a few cans of tomato sauce, evaporated milk, condense milk, chicken broth, some tuna and some chicken. I guess we could survive on those for a while, but with no propane to cook, we are in a little bit of trouble.

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