Friday, April 30, 2010

Maguey Beach

We anchored next to vessel “Blue Moon”. Rob and Jo. who invited us for cocktails in the evening of our first night there. (It must have felt like an invasion to them having us as the two active little girls in a boat, especially when they are not use to having kids around) I enjoyed very much meeting them and listening to all the stories that they have accumulated in their 15 years of sailing.

The next day we dinghy over to the beach, anchored the dinghy and swim to shore. I took a walk through the restaurant area and a nice man invited me to come in to his place.. no he didn’t offer me candies, he just wanted to show me the restaurant and the palapa’s second floor where I could get a more panoramic view of the bay. I climbed upstairs, he unlocked it for me and I went in… As I am writing I am thinking if one of my daughters ever tells me she did something like this, I would give her a lecture, but it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. I felt very safe. It was safe. I took a couple of pictures and he said the floor was good to dance, to lay on the hammocks or enjoy a “mota”. I had to ask what that was, even though I had an idea. He sort of blushed as he discovered I was not the kind to smoke marihuana. It must have been my Rastafarian look. From now on I am combing my hair everyday.

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