Friday, April 30, 2010

My Martial Art experience

I found the cultural center of Huatulco and discovered that they offered a discipline of Martial Art called “Limalama”. Having already experience and loving Karate in the US, I was curious and eager to take this class. I met the instructor and he invited me to join for the time I was going to be here. Twice a week I went and tested my abilities. Today was my last day and the instructor made a reference to my departure to the rest of the students, they all clapped… was it because of my departure?, nooo.. they were all happy that I participated… really. They all approached me to say goodbye, asked for one of our cards and the Instructor even demonstrated over 15 techniques for me to videotape and practice with uninvited attackers or other annoyers. I am sad to leave behind people that have been so generous and friendly to me. I always get the feeling that I didn’t do enough for them. On the other hand I believe that you not always can expect to have retributions from those who you give, the retributions may come from other sources and it is basically the though that you must do good things just because they make you a better person.


  1. Hi, I remember you, how forget it, jajajaja. I'm the guy who take the instructor to make the techniques. My name is Javier, I hope you be ok, you have a beautiful family, say hello to them for us. I want to sorry with you, we said we visit your blog, but we couldn't do it before, you know the school here doesn't give us to much time, but we remember you very well. I tell some students of LimaLama about your side, and I know they will give it a eye soon. Well, have nice trips around the world... if you can. I know you will do. See you.
    It was not necessary give us something for retribution.
    You are totally right, you can't always expect to have retributions, but we can do something else for other people, people who could need it more than us, I think that's the better retribution for me.

  2. Luis Javier,
    What a joy it was for me to receive your comment. I appreciate your words so much. Are you in this picture? or you took it? Did you check the photo album?. I have the videos in my computer and I will upload the day I go back home. Please send my best to all this fun group of students and of course to Miguel and his family.