Friday, April 16, 2010

Huatulco Bays

Monday after Easter we departed Pto Angel towards Huatulco, AKA Bahias de Huatulco. It is our final destination in Mexico at least for now. Our plan is to stay here for a few weeks waiting for Matt’s brother-in-law, Richard Chellemi. He will help us survive the crossing of the Tehuanapec Gulf and fight the possible and undesirable "Papagayo" (Nasty, storm like winds, stronger than the trade winds, blowing up to 40 knots regularly that affect the West Coast of Central America). As far as we know we will be residents of this area until May 4th, at least.

There is not much of an option for anchoring so we opted to stay in Marina Chahue, tied to a dock in the secondary channel. In other words, not in the main part of the marina, but in a channel adjacent to it, with no utilities, but complete use of their facility..well there is not much; one bathroom, only one outdoor shower with two heads and one plastic chair, about to break, that moves around the marina for those who wish to use the internet (My neighbor carries his 5 gal. bucket to sit and do his online business, I will have to adopt his style). On the other hand, a lot is being invested on the landscaping and it looks beautiful . I must say also that for the price we paid we shouldn’t complain much. It has been the cheapest Marina by far, it is safe and the staff is friendly.
Huatulco is a town being developed by Fonatur (The government agency in charge of the tourism development). Apparently many years ago, the government took over thousands of acres of land to make of Huatulco the Cancun of the West. The locals were given a house in a different area in exchange of their property. Today the town offers an incredible amount of green areas, the plazas are embellished with beautiful water features, nicely maintained grass, shade trees, kiosks, nice benches, handicap access etc. It is very clean! There are different areas being the main ones; La Crucecita and Santa Cruz. La Crucecita is the downtown and La Cruz is the main harbor, were the cruise ships make their majestic entrances bringing the hopes up of all the vendors. The amount of hotels under slow construction is suspicious; the amount of vacancies in the fancy hotels is even more. The roads are elegantly bordered and divided by palm trees, grass, flowers and bridges. The mopeds are a common way of transportation. A very practical too, here, one moped is good for a whole family or a whole group of friends. We had fun one day just observing and photographing how these machines are put their weight limits and the risks taken by these people as well

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