Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The beaches in Puerto Angel

I enjoyed it for the most part, the surge is really strong, you get pushed out really quickly and sucked in quickly as well, so by the time you make your final roll up to the beach, you get rolled right back out, but now with your bathing suit converted into a sand bag, very, very flattering. The exfoliation is intense. The good thing is there is no one to impress, no one really cares. No one really cares how you dress for swimming either. I saw lady of all ages swimming in their bras and skirts, kids swimming in their birthday suits, others in their underwear, others fully dressed. I saw couples expressing their love openly and explicitly. Well not to a full extent, but pretty close. I would have to keep my kids in the PG section of the beach. Interesting also was seeing the military and navy walking the beach in their uniforms with their weapons. I guess it is all normal. All this scene made me picture one of those activities for children “mark what doesn’t belong”.

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