Friday, April 16, 2010

Taking a break

Considering the amount of time we will spend in this town it will be an opportunity to catch up with some boat projects; go up the mast to lube, to change, to modify, to replace, to install, to view something..jaja. My poor husband has been there four times already. I am the one pulling on the lines to hoist him up and his life is in my hands. He must trust my grip and my love. The last time he went up he ask me: do you love me today? Other projects are; fixing a leak in the dinghy, check the sail condition, remove and re-calk deck hardware (preparing for the rainy season, soon to come) wash the seat covers, run an inventory of provisions, etc. I have some personal projects as well; find a class for the kids to join, to increase their exposure with the language and promote their interaction with the culture. Last, but not all, find a dentist for Sam and Matt.

The town has a center called “Casa de la Cultura” with many interesting and fun activities for them to join and for me as well. They let us try Hawaiian dancing and the art class for the girls. They had to choose one. Samantha enjoyed both, but opted for art. Trinidad opted for none. I opted for Martial Arts. Everyone is happy!

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