Friday, April 16, 2010

The easy going and friendly spirit of the sailing community continues.

We keep meeting wonderful people with fantastic stories and willing to help in any possible way. There is John, better known as “Pelican John” because of his vessel’s name. He has been here for a year, he has taken good care of the marina property by adding a few trails and takes care of sailors who need help finding, moving, carrying, delivering, you name it. Just the other day, I had a chance to ride in his van over to La Crucecita trying to find a dentist, the meat store, the veggie store and ice. He has seen many boats come and go and I am in no doubt that many of them have received help from him. He lives by himself with two cats, for whom he fishes every night at 6. Samantha and Trinidad have enjoyed being near him, Samantha, because she gets to fish sometimes for the felines and Trinidad because she gets to visit John for hours. As it happened this morning, she asked if she could board his boat and spend some time with him until it was lunch time, she ate with us, took 3 cookies to share with John and went back. When I went to get her, the cats were exhausted and John?... well he was too nice to say anything.

Then there is the vessel “Paesano” with Margarita and Ventura on board. We have enjoyed so much meeting them. They are a couple from Uruguay, nationalized Canadians. We shared some common roots and experiences of living and raising a family away from the place where we grew up, our family, our friends and our traditions. Their wisdom and outcome of their life have been an inspiration to me.

The second night we visit them was to watch a video clip of a whale encounter with “Paesano”. We have seen several whales in our trip, but they all seem to keep a comfortable distance from us, at least the ones we have seen. Maybe I am not paying attention to the ones that swim under our boat.. I guess that way is better, if I don’t see, I won’t fear. We sat down in the salon, asked for the popcorn and prepared to watch. AMAZING! The whale, full of curiosity put out a show that made our friends see their whole life in fast motion. This all happened in Bahia San Quintin in only 15 feet of water where they were anchored.

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