Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Samantha sells mangoes on the beach.

We were sitting on Citlali one afternoon and a nice woman with her daughter, nine year old, Rocio are selling mangos, I couldn’t resist to buy a bag. I established a conversation with the mom and was moved by the hard work she does and how her daughter helps to make just a few pesos every day. Samantha was intrigued too. I asked Samantha if she would be up for the challenge of going around in the beach selling mangos and she was all for it. I asked the nice lady if she could tag along and she was happy to take her. Samantha carried the bag of chile, the lady carried the mangos and Rocio a bucket with more supplies. She was gone for approximately 30 min. I followed them with my eyes all the way. When she returned she told me that the sale was unsuccessful and there, another 10 pesos came out of my pocket to make the last purchase of mangos. I figure it was a win-win situation, I get to see my baby grow and I get to enjoy another bag of this delicious fruit.

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