Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter in Mexico

We tried to distract the girls from the candy and chocolate idea of Easter, but it was simply impossible, they started asking a few days ago how much longer until then. It would have been unfair that sailing kids don’t get the yummy treats. However, none of the stores here carry anything related to this holiday, I didn’t see a single bunny, egg, pink and yellow sign, plastic junk, cookies… nothing. The eggs here in the boat were little candy bags with yummy Mexican candy that you find every day at any store. I realized how privilege our kids are to get anything at all. This morning in church, I ask a lady who had a boy to her side, about Trinidad’s age if he would get any candy today, she had no idea what I was talking about. Now I feel sorry for us, we are suck so deep into consuming, no wonder money its not enough even though we make much, so much more than people here.

I remember growing up when Thursday before Easter arrive, the party ended, no loud music, no pop music, no games, no going out with friends at night, no fun. It was a time of reflection; it was time to remember Jesus and the events. I don’t know how much it has change in my country, but here in this part of Mexico I expected to see a lot more of that. Quite the opposite; fishing contest, huge speakers on the peer, salsa, meringue, cumbias and even a bikini contest, fireworks on Friday and loud “cuetes” (fireworks). All of it sponsored by “Corona Extra” the cool beer. Last night the music went on all night long… simply put…awful.

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