Sunday, June 20, 2010

Arrived in Playa Samara

Found the exact same spot or way point marked in the Guide Book to Costa Rica and dropped the anchor. In this part of the world we are not fighting any other cruisers for the perfect spot. Its sad for me, I miss having people around, I miss meeting other cruiser, the sounds of their stories and the wisdom they carry in them. I miss the confidence I felt when having more of us around. If something were to go wrong, there would be someone who can witness the event or who could help or contribute with ideas. I miss being able to tell my own stories to someone new, rather than to torture Matt and my kids with the same-o’ same-o’.

    Matt has not been feeling very good for the last few days, he is about to collapse, lack of sleep, serious caught, exhaustion, stomachache a wife nagging and two little girls poking each other. He is not enjoying this today, I get the feeling he would rather be in his garage running the saw. I guess we all get strike with depression in different forms and unexplainable circumstances. The anchorage is not helping! It rolls, and rolls, the clouds are loaded with water and approaching and the lightning coming from 2 different directions. We must get ready for the pour down, the leaks and the threatening strikes.

I am not sure what happened, but when I woke up this morning we were moving. Matt says he left at 2 in the morning because he couldn’t sleep. I did hear the chain go up, but I was clueless as to what time it was. I just thought: “too early for the Queen”..hehe.

I didn’t really plan to explore much of Samara, but my observations were that it is not very cruiser’s friendly. There is an extensive area of reef; the breaks are all over the bay and in many different directions. I did go for a circular kayaking adventure around the boat and took pictures in all different angles. I thought the compositions with the water, the dark clouds, the green and the boat were magnificent.

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