Thursday, June 10, 2010

Riding in Potrero

Potrero Bay is a beautiful place in the province of Guanacaste. Its roads have not been touched by progress, in other words, they continue to be dirt, “holey” dirt! It’s too bad for the drivers, but wonderful, just wonderful for who wants to ride a bike, a horse, a motorcycle or piggy back like my kids. The days I felt I needed to get out and take advantage of such a wonderful setting Costa Rica provides for me and my photo taking mania; I hopped on Melissa’s bike and went. First, I pedaled up the hills; successfully for the first half mile and 25 degree inclination. Then, I rolled down the hill; terrified because the bike didn’t have hand operated breaks, those were on the pedals. Oops! I saw for a minute the end of the bike and a huge dental bill as the bike surpassed the expected speed and the breaks were useless. Luckily, my super heroin training paid off; I was able to stop the bike just by dragging my feet. I rode later to the beach. It was a perfect ride right along the break. I had to stop and take pictures of the sunset, the sunset plus the bike, plus myself, plus the clouds, plus the logs, plus the steps on the sand plus, plus, plus.. at that point I felt so inspired by everything that I run short on camera battery. That is what this wonderful place does to you, it gets you high with its colors, its elements and the combination of the two.

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