Friday, June 25, 2010

Matt has Bronchitis

We were supposed to leave this morning, but Matt feels and looks in need of medical attention. He will take a bus to Cobano (a town about 30 km away) to see the doctor and get a proper diagnose and treatment. When he got there, the doctor was out, so they took him in an ambulance to another town called “Mal PaĆ­s”. About three hours later he is back with a complete cocktail of drugs (I should be the one taking the drugs!). I don’t get why when people are sick they get so hard to deal with, there is lots of anger, harshness, abuse? How are we supposed to give them the love they need, the tender care, the right dosage of medicine and not an overdose? (Matt was smart.. he took those on his own). Of course, Honey, that’s not you.. that is in general, other women’s husbands.

One more day...

I must go to Cobano to get another medicine, Samantha and Matt stay. Trini and I took the day just for us. We walked to the bus. To make the wait interesting: we elaborated paper boats that we then put in the water streams. Once in Cobano, we stopped for a juice and snack at a bakery, then went to the pharmacy, the grocery store and to the pet store where they had little chickens for sale. So tempting! One little yellow chicken hanging around on deck with the girls or going to the beach.. NO WAY! I remember growing up we used to buy chickens at the farmers market, they were such a disposable pet, they would only last a couple of days and usually the dog would put a quick end to our fun or who knows maybe we squeeze them to hard.. I only remember them being gone after just a few days.... In summary, Trini and I had a wonderful day, got the medicines and a few other items and headed back to the boat.

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