Sunday, June 27, 2010

A little parasite here and a little there

Where and how its unknown, but apparently the bugs have been incubating for several weeks to give Matt the time of his life. Sick, loosing weight and not eating delicious meals (according to me… the chef), were clear symptoms of their existence. We tested and the results were positive. He was so miserable! Luckily now, he is under treatment and he should be fine within a couple of days.. It has not been fun! It is breaking the spirit of the crew. A beautiful place is meaningless under those circumstances and a boat without a healthy Captain is a dangerous idea. My mind wonders if the experience should be reevaluated, but the idea of giving up frightens me more than to wait and go when all goes back to a good shape including my newest patient Samantha who has Strep Throat. The contingencies of this trip are all part of a package, they enrich our experience. Once again, I think I much rather live through them while adventuring. I know they will always be there; they will just present themselves in different forms.

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