Friday, June 25, 2010

Isla San Lucas

It was the Alcatraz of Costa Rica. The worst criminals were sent to the island. It was operational until 1991 and now it is considered cultural patrimony. We were told by the Park Ranger that at the end of its time the prisoners were given some land in the island and were allowed to stay with their families for a while. Today no one lives there, but the Park Ranger, a few cats, bats, mosquitoes, monkeys and a few ghosts.

I wonder what it is that we find fascinating on being in places like this, must be the huge amount of energy you find here, generated by all the drama, sadness, darkness and sickness. I can almost see and hear what went on and I can only say, Its good to be good, its good to be FREE.

The anchorage here was a sailors dream, not a roll, not a ripple in the water.. (a few, but it sounds more romantic the other way). It has been a while since we had it this good. Matt tells me: “this is what I picture when I dreamed about this trip”

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