Thursday, June 24, 2010

Trip to Montezuma

Matt is still pretty ill, he will take it easy today and will stay onboard. The girls and I took a bus at 11 AM to the town of the waterfall; Montezuma. We rode for 45 min in the bus, pretty comfortably and enjoying the view and the action inside and outside the bus; little kids in uniform, younger than Samantha, with their backpacks, riding the public bus to and from school, people chasing chickens out of their property, men riding their bicycles to work, women walking out of the “pulperias” (convenience stores) etc. We got off the bus just hoping the waterfall would be easy to find and that there wouldn’t be too much hiking involved (the limitations of parenting and more yet… single parenting).

Finding the waterfall was easy, seeing the water FALL was impossible the trail had been washed out in parts and it has become mortally dangerous. However, not all was lost! Right above our heads they were; the White-headed Capuchin, waiting for suckers like us to give away our snacks. They had quite a buffet; peanuts, raisins, macadamias, almonds and granola bars! It was such a successful menu, that the group of 3 monkeys multiplied to more than 20.

There was another family already enjoying the display when we got there; Mom; Lara, dad; Alex and 2 girls (8 and 4). It couldn’t have been more perfect! The girls paired up immediately and while Samantha and the 8 year studied the monkeys’ behavior, Trini and the 4 year old discussed the world, sitting on a log under a tree. I was really interested on what Mom and Dad had to share regarding their travels. It was a short time spent together, I wish we had more. We had to rush out to catch the last bus back to Tambor.

There was a sense of satisfaction coming back home, the day was a SUPER day!!!

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