Monday, June 21, 2010

Entered Bahia Ballenas

“One of the cruisers favorite destinations”… really? Not in June! I must admit it is pretty and at times of the year it must be quite an attraction. Between December and March is when the whales come to care for their young and the water is cobalt blue. During rainy season, there are not “ballenas” (whales), but an incredible amount of logs and the water is muddy brown due to the heavy rains.

We dropped the anchor and Matt suggested/commanded that the rest of the crew go to shore and explore, he was desperate for a nap. We rowed to shore just to discover that we did need a dinghy anchor to avoid being sucked under the pier. Exactly what the Cruising Guide recommended. We rowed back, got the anchor and got the assistance of a local young man who sympathized with us. He helped us with the operation of getting the dinghy situated and the kids and myself onto the dock. Once on top, we manage to o through and over the fishing nets, the puddles of fish blood, the fishermen filleting the fish, the fish heads, the hooks, the looks of the local and the so unforgettable smell.

The name of this beach is “Playa Tambor”; one narrow dirt road with little houses and shacks, jungle and beach. It has been raining, the smell, much different from the pier, is refreshing. It’s the wet jungle! The temperature is perfect, not too cold to wear excess clothing, but not to warm to be soaking in perspiration. It’s a great time to explore and the kids are all up for it.

To avoid the so unpleasant complains of “ I am thirsty” and “I am hungry” I invited the girls for a little drink and snack at a bar at the end of the peer; The Yacht Club. The place that will let us hang out for a couple of days and make use of their wireless connection. There we experienced the “Patacones” another Costa Rican dish; fried plantain with beans and guacamole. We all liked it.

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