Thursday, June 3, 2010

I am Happy, what’s your problem?

So I am under a new spiritual high, I am faithful, grateful, hopeful.. but wait a minute did someone just called me old? Unmaintained? Wrinkled face?.

I was preparing the classes for the kids this morning when Melissa’s maid saw a picture of my birthday and my mood was abruptly changed.

“how old are you now?” –she asked

“39” -I said.

“I thought you were older” – she said.

“I say you are stupid” – I thought,

“REALLY” –I cried.

“You look older than Matt’s sister” “well she takes care of herself” – she rubbed on my face. (She does look great!)

I quickly changed the subject, I was afraid she would crash my self esteem to the point of no repair. Of course, I felt the urgency of finding a mirror. All the hours in the sun and the sea salt must be taking a toll on me. I needed to check.

I concluded that she has a problem of expression, what she really meant to say was “WOW YOU LOOK AMAZING!!”

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