Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Leaving Potrero Bay.

Last week we were leaving... sometime, maybe Saturday or Sunday… or Monday.. or Wednesday… Today is Friday… we are still here. This time we have moved back to the boat, all our belongings are back into place. It happens after a month of comfort provided by a house and the people we love and love us. It is getting harder and harder to keep going, but I know that once we are moving, everything will be all right and the light will shine through the windows. I spent several hours stowing away our belongings, it appeared that we have more than before; more shells, more toys, more books, more food, more stories, more pictures…, but unfortunately, no more money.

To make our departure less abrupt we went sailing for the day with Melissa and Richard to Playa Conchal. It was a test sail and also I wanted to give Melissa a taste of our lifestyle. After a delicious lunch of “Tuna Tartar”, made by Melissa with fresh tuna (cought by Richard), wasabi, lemon and spices, we sailed back to Potrero and left early the next morning.

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