Friday, June 4, 2010

One more day in paradise? So what?

How is it possible to have feelings of discontentment of boredom when living life, as many would say, to the fullest? I have been looking for answers for a couple of days. It was through a chat that I came to a very reasonable conclusion and from that point on… I look forward to another chat! Ha! Well, I will open my points for debate. It’s a matter of expectations and perception. Expectations; such an amazing opportunity to explore, to interact with the culture, to make use of talents, to be outdoors and adventure, but the days have passed and I found myself not being the travel host in Discovery Channel that I though I could have been. Perception; my life these days seemed to be out of rhythm, more than that I could hear no music. So, I proceeded with the exercise of analyzing the day step by step (Now it will sound as if I am bragging).

I woke up with the howling of the monkeys in the backyard and the loud, repetitive and joyful singing of the birds. I poured myself a cup of Costa Rican coffee and put bread slices in the toaster. That is when I got electrocuted, not too bad, but enough to get my curls done. I ate some freshly cut, sweet and juicy pineapple and served myself some blackberry yogurt. The toasts are done, real butter on them and some raspberry jam… delicious! That was breakfast.

I checked my email, not much there these days. I signed on to Facebook and found a few notices; Mary bell commented on Lucy Loo status, Jonny Bee likes my status and bla, bla, bla. Its all good! Then I figure out more ways to embellish my blog and hopefully make a few nickels. The girls woke up, they walked to me, hugged me, kissed me and turned the cartoons on. I served them breakfast.

When Matt came home, he announced: “the waves are friendly, lets go swimming!” A 2 minutes walk and there we were, a magazine style beach; “Playa Penca”. Samantha and I, swam to just barely pass the break, it was quite a rush! After our swim, we headed to one of the ends of the beach were the rocks and tide pools awaited to be explored. I don’t think I could ever forget Samantha going around the little puddles by the side of the hill sticking her finger in them and then in her mouth, looking for fresh water. (Matt just taught her a few survival techniques) I will never forget, either, how Trinidad makes me believe that we are on a SPA and she is giving me the exfoliating treatment and then she tells me to put the rocks back in place, otherwise the fish and crab that live in there, will dye.

After lunch, We worked on Samantha’s math and Trinidad’s ABCs, practice the technique of making paper flowers so we could teach some local children we will see the next day. We play classical music and Samantha performed for me. Then it was time to prepare dinner; spaghetti and meat sauce. Opened a bottle of Chilean wine and proceeded with culinary moment! Chopped the onions, garlic, tomatoes, sautéed them in hot oil..mmm the house smelled good!! Boiled the pasta and continued the steps until we sal and ate. For desert, why not bake some Ghirardelli chocolate brownies?.

fter all, was this an ordinary day?.. I wish it was!

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