Monday, March 29, 2010

A Passage to Puerto Angel

This is my second night of watch, its 3 in the morning, everyone is asleep, It is just me, the radar, the chart plotter and “Auto” our loyal friend the autopilot. We have sailed most of the day, we turned the motor on just a few hours ago after the wind died. It is calm for the most part with an occasional roll that makes “clinks” and “clanks” noises in the galley. I can see the lights of the city from here and a few spots in the radar that indicate that there is something in our surrounding. I see it, it’s another boat about 4 miles away moving faster than us. A hear a few splashes made by the dolphins that come to play, no shooting stars, no bioluminescence.

I am glad that we will be anchoring in the morning; sailing during the day is not that pleasant anymore. It gets so hot and humid. Occasionally we will have a breeze go through, but not enough to make it more comfortable. The girls found the greatest entertainment using our 5 gall buckets. Matt filled them up with ocean water and they sit on them making the water shoot out. They played for a couple of ours and kept themselves cool. I also found that doing laundry was useful for me, not only for the fact that the clothes will be clean, but also it would cool me off!

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