Sunday, March 14, 2010

200 ways I could be killed by the small waves.

For the first time I was able to play with the kayak on the waves. I was really terrified, I knew it could be a fun experience and rationally speaking nothing could really kill me in this beach, but at the time of getting in the kayak I kept thinking of the many different ways that those harmless little waves could drown me, suck me out, smash me into the rocks, feed me to the unseen sharks, dissolve me, trapped me inside the kayak or simply just surprise me with new forms of death. I just couldn’t leave the bay without giving it a try. I said my little payer and got on. First try was fantastic, flawless, exciting, addicting. I quickly paddle back to catch another, I was in place, the wave got bigger, and bigger and bigger and oh nooo… I thought this one will tumble me and so I prepared my fall, tighten up my bathing suit and got a good grab on the paddle. I experienced the so feared and ungraceful roll, I didn’t die!!! Yeah! And I like it, but best of all I managed to keep my suit in place.

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