Thursday, March 25, 2010

Manzanillo Part II

In our second day here we took a taxi towards the stores. It was a nice ride down the windy cobblestone roads overlooking the bay most of the way. It was a hot, sunny day with a wonderful breeze created by the motion of the car. Getting out of the taxi presented a different panorama. The hot and sunny day remained, but the breeze was gone, paradise was vanished when I closed that door. It was not pleasant being on the street. Matt and Trinidad went to Autozone and then headed back to the boat to accomplished the difficult task of doing laundry. Samantha and I went to Wal Mart to get groceries.

It was fun shopping with Samantha, I take it as part of her homeschooling. She had her own list of items she wanted to buy; a can of tuna, cereal, a can of peas and carrots, some chocolate and more. After a couple of hours we were done and proceeded to check out. She had her own purse and money. I paid for my food and she was still counting her coins to pay for hers. The line behind her was getting longer and no one seemed to find the value for what she was doing. I then made the mistake to pay for her things asking her to give me the money. She broke down crying because I had ruined the experience. I felt awful! I had to make it up to her.

The rest of the day we spent by the pool with another family of cruisers on board of S/V Albatross and Matt spent it drying the clothes. He did 2 loads and it cost him 30 dollars! The most expensive washing we have done in this trip. A tip for future cruiser: get your laundry done in town where they charge about 90 cents a kilo and shake the sand off the clothes before putting it on the scale.

Another day in Manzanillo gave us the opportunity to visit the actual town. We hopped in a bus with our friends from Albatross and took a long ride to get to downtown. We passed the port area which was quite impressive. A very large operation, In fact Manzanillo is the largest port in the west coast after Long Beach, CA. At the end of the ride we were guided by a little girl to an Iguanario where the iguanas are balancing on the trees as little lizards. They wore numbers on their side, Matt found Iguana number 89. I couldn’t find out what the highest number was and I didn’t have enough time to see what numbers were missing. I imagine a few have fallen off the trees. They are keeping track of the species as they are in danger of extinction.

We walked for several blocks and the kids survived, I was not very impressed with the town. It is obvious that tourism is not their main source of income, even though it has some interesting elements such us the big sculpture of the Marlin at the Malecon (waterfront). Finding a place to eat was another source of frustration, nothing around at the time we needed it. The moods get very fragile in circumstances like this, but we managed to get to a little corner “luncheria” where we enjoyed some “tortas” (sandwich).

We enjoyed the pool one more time and ended the day at Café Frida were we had dinner and happy hour beverages with friends.

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