Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Grandma Arrives

The kids were very excited to see her, she spent with us 5 days which seemed very short. She put up with the tight spaces, the gipsy life, the messy schedules and the involuntary splashing on the dinghy. We introduced her to the dollar tacos on the street and she treated us to a more sophisticated dining where the dishes were more than 5 dollars each and the service was more than “ here is your taco” Thank you! It has been a while since we were able to splurge ..hehe

Karen, my friend Lisa and I went to the old town of Vallarta where we walked the Malecon, visited an amazing candy store with the typical Mexican candies; mango picoso, tamarindo picoso, candied peanuts with chile, cajeta with tequila and so on. Karen bought the girls a enough candies for them to host a tea party with their friends at the dock. Later we stopped at a Mexican house ware store were she found the cutest tea cups to complete the setting for the party. The night ended with a trip to the grocery store and a long taxi ride back to La Cruz.

After Karen left we spend two more nights at the marina and cought up with some projects, most of them except for updating the blog. The internet at the marina was horrible! For future cruisers I would highly recommend to buy a Tercel card at their first port of entry. It is worth every penny of its cost.

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