Thursday, March 25, 2010


After the anchor has been dropped we usually jump in for a swim, this time more than ever I wanted to do that. We have been slowly steaming ourselves in the hit for several hours now. Even though I new the water wasn’t so clean here I just took a quick dip. I had no idea to what extent the water was polluted, luckily I didn’t develop any weird rashes or other side effects.

What a contrast with our previous anchorage in Tenacatica where we were saluted in the mornings with dolphins and puffer fish begging for scrap foods. Here you were saluted with plastic bags, fish heads, suspicious foam and other organic and inorganic debris.

The anchorage was rolly, but bearable, there are three beaches; the first one is where we were able to park our dinghy safely and drily. From here we could walk to town, visit the fish market and enjoy the large displays of handcrafts. The beach itself was not the brochure beach precisely, but there was a nice walk along the edge that took us to the second beach. These two share the same bay were we were anchored so swimming here was a desperately action. The locals have no problem with it. The third beach is Playa La Ropa, it looks nicer, it is cleaner, but the closest we made it to it was just before the break in our dinghy with the little girls from vessel Ganamyde, who arrived here a few days earlier, and the girls of Endurance. The landing seemed to risky, flipping the dinghy with little crew would have been a disaster. So then we headed back to the dirty beach that we convinced ourselves it was not all that bad. It was nice to spend time with Danielle from Ganamyde. I am so curious to see how they live, enjoy and foresee their experience.

The rides at night in this bay are incredible, as we move the oars of the dinghy it looked as if we had a neon string attached to the end. The bioluminescence is the best I have seen so far. I can only imagine what crosses the minds of the girls when they see these organisms. It must be millions of light fairies in there.

The town is beautiful, charged with cultural activities and temptations for an ex shopaholic in recovery like me. This is a good place to experience their food, music and see how the crafts are executed. I understood that every Sunday they have a cultural exhibition on the water front. We were able to presence it. The Plaza by the water was full of food vendors barbequing for Tacos, frying corn turnovers, plantain, preparing “aguas frescas”; Jamaica (Hibiscus Flower), Horchata (Rice milk), Tamarindo, Mango etc. and much more. The smells, the colors, the happiness of the locals and off course, the prices of these dinners were impossible to resist. Us and our friends from vessel Gijima spent a delightful night eating and watching traditional dances of Mexico. Samantha even got a makeover with colorful laces and sparkles on her hair for less than US $3. Trinidad didn’t because she was too busy playing with her friend Sean from Gijima. Those two are quite a pair.

In almost every anchorage there is a bar were cruisers are welcome and they will usually provide some services such us; showers, internet and information. There was one in this town called “Ricks”. We planned to go one day mainly so we could take a nice, warm shower.. our luck, the place was closed.. I was starting to feel a little depressed due to the primitive conditions we have chosen to live in. I missed home! We walked a few blocks and found a shower facility for 15 pesos to refresh not only our bodies, but our feelings and thoughts. A Public shower! The facility was clean, it was a good service, but you just have to manage to shower with a stream the size of a straw. It still felt amazing! I know that in time I will see the humor of all this, but I couldn’t avoid at that moment to get tears of frustration in my eyes.

We have decided to extend our stay and extra day, blame it on the tigers and Lions. The circus is in town!! We really wanted to take the girls. We had a blast. The show was very entertaining and well done. It have always been intrigued by the life of the circus performers and I would like…. Oh what I am saying.. I could never handle it, I don’t want it, this adventure is about my limit..haha.

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