Monday, March 29, 2010


It has been hard to establish a good homeschooling routine being always on the go makes it challenging. Plus there is some resistance to the “S” word as Samantha puts it. However, she is very sharp and makes the work on the books seemed so easy, that I am not too concern academically. She reads quite well and together we read every night. Trinidad asks to be schooled too, so every day she gets her books out and goes through several pages without having to push her. She is very focused on her work and I am amazed at how quickly she is learning on her own. I have noticed with her that the less I test her the more willingly she works. With both, we take every chance we can to introduce new concepts and experiences. Traveling into new cultures, The Spanish language and life at sea way will supplement very well their education.

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  1. I am so proud of Lisa for the attention and time she has spent homeschooling our kids. The rewards are huge. I know that you will do a wonderful job with your two precious girls. It is a great investment.
    Brad "Tenacious Grace"