Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A day under palm trees

Today was a good day! We started with delicious French Toasts cooked by Matt, juice and coffee. We then jumped in the water and try some snorkeling. Samantha loves it, but Trinidad in spite of her desire to do it, gets turned down by her own fears. Her frustration is enormous, she cries saying that she can’t do anything. It breaks my heart. I explain to her that is reasonable to have fears and that it would be better to say I am scared, I am not ready, than to limit herself on what she could do. It all got better once we visited another boat with children and the girls felt right at home with Sienna and Tristan, ages 4 and 7 as well. We spent the whole morning with them. By 2 o’clock we headed to the beach where a book trading event was taking place. There were several kids and adults from many other boats. The kids swam, built shacks with coconut tree branches, played with coconuts and read books. The adults mingle and played games. I learnt today the rules of Mexican Train. Very engaging!

We returned to our boat, rinsed off on deck and prepared dinner. I am running low on meat so I had to open the cover with the canned goods and found a Roast Beef with Gravy that I mixed with a Mushroom soup, cut up carrots and potatoes, a pinch of garlic, salt and a dash Worceshare Sauce .. the kids ask for seconds.. Ahh that makes the day of a mother.

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