Tuesday, March 9, 2010

La Manzanilla

We are taking our boat to La Manzanilla for half of the day. It is maybe an hour sail there and the town is supposed to be charming. We invited Brad and the kids from Tenacious to sail with us. The town is a nice little town that host an arts and craft market on Friday.. perfect timing! We got to see it and spend money. We walked the main street to the end where there was a fence to the mangroves and a few warning signs We peeked through and there they were, lots of them, waiting for compassionate tourist to feed them. The crocodiles! In the way back we stopped at a fish market and I purchased a pound of fish to make ceviche which seemed a little offensive to Matt and Brad that I had lost hope on them bring the fish from their spear fishing attempts. We all enjoyed the dish in the evening.

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