Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another long passage

We are now in our way to Zihuatanejo, 180 miles to go. It is an overnight passage. I take my Stugeron (sea sickness pill) and I managed to make the trip without any disgusting feelings and without a drop in energy. So good I felt that I try my new recipe for buns and cinnamon rolls given to me by my friend Lisa. They turned out nice in shape, but lacked some flavor. I didn’t realized that I have to put twice the amount of butter and sugar over those rolls.
As we approached the Bay of Zihatanejo we are presented with a large number of rays flapping on the water. It was fun to see, but most of all and as always is the squeals of excitement of the girls that gives us the most pleasure. We also encountered the always welcomed dolphins and a few turtles that swim across in a very lonesome way.

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