Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Is it adventure that we wanted?

We went to the town of Tenacatita this morning with our friends from Tenacious, we had a wonderful day snorkeling at a place called The Aquarium, the largest coral reef in Jalisco. We spend a great part of the day there and in the way back we stopped for a few provisions at the only store. Their selection of items was ok, but their produce was far from desirable. I volunteered to bring back eggs, flour and fruits for another cruiser (s/v Journey) in the bay. I thought I could do some good there, but it just didn’t turn out that way. We got back in the dinghies to return to our boats, follow the path through the estuary as you would normally do and…surprise! The path has been blocked by a fallen tree from the mangroves. We only had a couple of hours to figure out a way to get through, at dusk, the mosquitoes will squeezed you dry and just the idea of navigating the mangroves in the dark does not sound very romantic. We transferred all the kids to one dinghy and the men to the other in the front to clear the way. They broke some branches and with a pocket knife cut some others, finally with the pulling and pushing we made our way. The dinghies were covered in mud as well as the skins of Matt, Brad and Lisa from Tenacious. The eggs suffered a great deal as well! 4 cracked! My delivery of goods to vessel Journey was not very successful, I was short on eggs, produce and to top it off the flour was full of weevils!! Sorry Melanie from Journey!

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