Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A palapa in Yelapa

What a treat! Tenacious Grace is taking us to Yelapa for the day. It was a very comfortable and fun sail. Yelapa is a beautiful town with limited access. You can get there by horse, walking if you dare and by boat. There are several restaurants along the beach, all above our budget, a river where we presence the most interesting Panga (Mexican fishing boat) operation, interesting business, mainly managed by foreigners and a waterfall at the end of a beautiful hike. The Pangas are parked in the river, but in order to get there when the tide is low they have to turn their motors into high power and fly over to the entrance of the river. Since I didn’t know what their strategy was, I thought the driver was nuts or he simply made a mistake and instead of turning the gas off he lost coordination and turned the handle in opposite direction. That sort of thing happens to me sometimes.. embarrassing to say, but true.

By the time we had to leave the water the break was a little bigger and getting in the dinghy was going to be a wet experience. It was nothing new for us, but new for Karen. Matt, Lisa and I swam to the boat instead; I had use my adrenaline powers to make it all the way. I am not an experienced swimmer.

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