Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our friends are leaving

I can’t seem to make words come out of my mouth, a knot on my throat blocked the air I needed to talk. I can’t even look at them in the eyes my vision gets extremely blurry. Our friends from Tenacious Grace are leaving in a few minutes, they are heading North and we are heading South. Why we choose to suffer like this, I don know. We could head North just to stick together, but one more time we must face the reality that this journey is a personal experience and friends will come and go. They make you wiser, stronger and maker your life rich. They came to our life with a purpose and I saw it every moment we spent together. Brad Ramer an amazing man, passionate about sailing, strong, determined, his willingness to help makes me think of a saint, always ready to assist. Lisa, my friend, not so passionate about sailing, but passionate about exploring, about people, we shared so much she was like a sister to me (funny thing she was born the same day and year as my sister), a good mom a good wife, smart, knowledgeable and funny. Kat; an adventurer, a risk taker, brave, sweet, very creative, the girls adored her and Zach; the sweetest 10 year old boy I have ever met, smart and good hearted, we will missed you so much. Did I say that they are all good looking too? Love you all!!

The radio comes on with the sweet voice of Zach saying good-bye to the fleet of Tenacatita, Its like hearing the voice of one of my girls saying “bye mommy”, their motor is on and while Kat is at the helm, Brad is hoisting anchor. Lisa is already in Puerto Vallarta, she left a few days ago to meet her sister. I wish she would come back.

I just stood on the deck to see the last few inches of mast disappear in the horizon.. oh what else can I say?.. Good luck my friends!

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