Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another trip to the store

As we take our last dinghy trip to the store through the jungle I keep thinking to myself; this sure bits the feeling of driving the freeway to get to the nearest supermarket.

We grabbed our backpacks; loaded the kids in strategic positions so the dinghy could plane through the water and, since we picked the wrong tide to enter the estuary, we ended up giving our dinghy a ride. We threw a line over our shoulders to pull and put our feet in the shuffling motion as we walk to avoid the painful sting of a ray. Soon we reached the appropriate depth, got in and race up the river along with 3 other dinghies. A total of 8 children having a blast and 7 adults with a grin on our faces.

Simple chores like this become adventures. It seems like a regress instead of progress, but the reward is incredible so we are all for it.

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