Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tsunami warning for the Pacific coast and Earthquake in Chile

Lisa from Tenacious called us on the radio and gave me the news. An 8.8 earthquake in Chile and by 11 in the morning we could be hit by a tsunami wave. I was not worried about the tsunami so much, the best place to be was exactly were we were… floating, but the earthquake made me really upset. I got the satellite phone and tried everyone in my family and couldn’t get through. I grabbed the Kindle book and luckily I had some connection to the satellite and I was able to read the postings on Facebook of friends and their friends. I found out where the epicenter was and that Santiago, where my family lives, was hit almost as hard. One of my friends called my dad and she informed me that everyone was okay.

It was an impressive sight to see all the boats of Tenacatita Bay floating outside of the bay waiting for the wave that never came, thank goodness!.

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