Sunday, March 14, 2010

A boat that inspires.

I feel that I have to mention Ganamyde because they have been and inspiration for me. It is a remainder that we could go further if we really want to. They travel in a 31 feet boat, build in their backyard, the amenities in the boat are minimal; no radar, no autopilot, no water maker, no motor (just a small outboard) no water tank (they store their water in jugs) and so on. They have three small children on board, Antigani (5), Emely (3) and Damarus (almost 2). While in Tenacatita, I saw Danielle (the mom) hanging the laundry in between the palms while the kids were playing by the estuary with their sand bucket. It looked as they belong there, it was a beautiful sight, lots of sparkling white diapers hanging from those lines. I am not pursuing that kind of lifestyle, but I like to know that we can go places with a lot less than what we currently have. Ben (the father) currently writes for Cruising World and I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear about them in other publications or media.

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