Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Leaving La Cruz

The last night in La Cruz, we spent it in the anchorage. I was not emotionally ready for it and I sort of left “my sea-legs” behind. I felt nauseous quickly after the anchor was dropped. That set my mood for failure and incompetence as a mother and wife. I managed to serve dinner. I get a point for that. I knew there was so much left unseen in the town and its surrounding and it was going to be another overnight passage to Tenacatita, our next stop. I guess there is always the way back to the US, but I am not so sure I want to be part of an upwind experience.

By 7 o’clock we were ready to start our sail down. At the same time another Morgan 38 was leaving and right behind was Tenacious Grace. It was fun to see how a boat just like ours was sailing on our side. We had chance to meet the nice couple on board, they have done this trip earlier in life with their children as little as ours.

We passed Cabo Corrientes and the wind started to pick up. I was hit in the head by the boom, not severely but hard enough to destroy more of the neurons I have left. It made me hate sailing for a few seconds and be mad at my husband for not holding still fot me went I was doing something stupid and then for giving the look “you dummy”. Oh well I forgot all about that experience when the winds reached about 30 knots and we had to reef the sails. I was put at the helm to face the wind while Matt was tying the main sail. It was uncomfortable. While doing this I saw something floating in the water that I couldn’t identify and could not ask Matt to look at it. I decided to call it a Ray, so my friends, I saw a Ray. We found a little refuge in Ipala, a small fishing village and stay there for 2 hours to recover.

The swell got bigger and the wind calmed down, by night it was all good, we entered the Tenacatita area by 7 or 8.

As we are approaching, we get a call from Tenacious Grace, who had already arrived asking what we were going to do about the Tsunami warning…. WHAAAT?

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