Monday, March 29, 2010

Another day in Acapulco

Our friends from Gijima decided to leave, they feel there is not much to do in this town. I felt sad mainly for Trinidad because she almost broke down seeing Sean wave Goodbye. We will see them later. Now we are on our own. Matt got up early and went to town with a local man to get our propane tanks filled. A task that was unsuccessfully. The girls and I did some school and by the time he was back we were ready to go.. somewhere. We took our dinghy to the marina, we were tide up and left to the new part of town in search of and internet place, maybe a beach and a store. We hopped in an air conditioned bus, sat by the window and got a first class tour of Acapulco for only 6 pesos each. (50 cents). I had to be looking at the signs to make sure we got off at an internet place. There!, we passed it, I saw it in big letters “INTERNET” I made everyone stand, made the bus stop and we walked back a block, there it was “INTERJET”.. Matt wanted to hang me, but I am a believer that there are not wrong turns, it all has a purpose so I just laughed. As we are starting our new search, we passed a Hotel were things looked very confusing and we just walked in, sat at the bar by the pool, got the code for the Wi Fi, ordered lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the water slide. A wonderful day! We made a few purchases at the store and headed down to the boat to barbeque something while we still had daylight. As we are walking back to the dock to get in the dinghy, we were talking about our finances and how some things would certainly put a dent on our budget such as loosing the dinghy, by the way… “I don’t see our dinghy”.. a cold flow of blood runs through my head, our dinghy is gone!!!.

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