Monday, March 29, 2010

Our dinghy is gone

Thoughts were storming through my head. “We are in Mexico no one will respond” “how are we going to move?” “All this people working here did it” “they all know something, but wont tell” “how are we going to manage with just a couple of kayaks to get to shore, to carry our groceries, our laundry, our water, the girls?” “where are we going to get a new dinghy? A new motor?”. A couple of workers from the marina where there and one said to me: “don’t worry senora, we will find it” as he tries to get another boat to start the search. It is getting dark and the chances of finding it diminish. The other worker said: “oh, if it was stolen, its long time gone” tough for us. Another guy who was doing some work in someone’s boat offered to give us a ride to our boat, I was very hesitant to accept, because that would have put us out of the picture, out of sympathy and every one there would have forgotten about us. I prayed that we would find it, I knew we would.. The marina worker found a boat to take Matt around, the girls and I waited at the dock. The girls found entertainment with two little kittens and I beg them not to touch them.. it was so irresistible for them, but I feared that they could have fleas or other worse diseases. I see the boat return, but Matt is not in it.. that could be a good sign or a very bad one, Matt has been a victim of a terrible complot. Then the driver of the motor yells, he is coming with the dinghy. What a relief!, but it was not over. He is coming with two other guys.

The story was the following: Matt spotted the dinghy tide up to a boat in the Yatch Club, when they get there, a man comes out and blocked Matt from getting in, saying that he founded floating away and he rescued it. He wants to be paid. Matt said I will give you 100 pesos.. the guy laughed.. “nooo” he replied. Matt said 200, again the man declined. Matt begged the guy to go with him to the Marina and make them pay him, after all they were responsible. Also, Matts hope was that the guy would see the girls and weaken his position. He accepted and got one of his friends to go along. They negotiated at the dock and the Marina personnel said they would pay him the next day, he did not believe it. At the end, he decided to accept our offer of $200 pesos. We had to take him and his friend to our boat because we had no money with us. They were pretty friendly at this point and told us that we had to tell the Marina that we paid them $400 pesos and that way we would be reimbursed and be able to keep the difference. Ha! Matt explained to him that we were not in this for the money so if the Marina gave him that much he would give them the difference. We never went to the Marina, we just wanted to get out of there and put the incident behind us. No more lies, no more games. We still don’t know how the dinghy floated away, who untied it and if there were more people involved in the scheme.

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