Sunday, March 14, 2010

To Manzanillo

We are now in Mazanillo, in the beautiful anchorage of Las Hadas (the fairies). We arrived midday and after the normal procedures of arrival, we headed to the Hotel Las Hadas. The girls could not believe what they were seeing. The most wonderful pool of all! With islands, a bar in the middle and a bridge!! Trinidad jumped in quickly, fearless of depth, she kept saying “I love this place, I love it, I love it”. It was indeed lovable. Cruisers are welcome to use the pool and dinghy dock. Again I feel as the poor people living in style..hehe.

We got back to the boat, prepared some stakes in the BBQ, vegetables on the stove and we were forced to re-set the anchor. I guess our neighbor didn’t feel comfortable with us so close, he said “ I want you to know you are on my anchor swing” My thoughts and good wishes to him were questionable. I imagine that when he saw us pulling our anchor up and the kids asking for dinner he felt like a.. what’s that word?.. oh! really bad.

Everyone is sleeping here, I am preparing to put this down and shut the hatches to filter the noise coming from the discothèque, even though I would like to join the fun and then I will get in my own anchor position to sleep in rolly anchorages like this one; one knee up and about 80 percent of my body facing down. That will hold me into place.

1,2,3 4 o clock rock.. 5,6… that is a good party out there!!!
Good night!!!

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