Sunday, March 14, 2010


A small town near Barra de Navidad, with lots of carachter and the best Margaritas on the beach so far!! Our decision to stop here was motivated by their St Patrick celebration that starts a week earlier. It was quite an experience of which the girls were not that thrilled. After having drinks on the beach with the crews members of Journey and Albatross we all headed to the Plaza in downtown were the celebration would be taking place. There were rides the kids went on, lots of food vendors where we were able to get the delicious “churros rellenos con cajeta” (manjar or caramel milk) I thought those were Chilean?!. At 10 PM we crossed the plaza to the church and waited for the firing of this figure that I never understood. It was soon fired, oh my goodness!! sparks were flying everywhere. Kids, not older than 10, were running under with cardboard boxes over their heads and others gave up the cardboards altogether. Samantha was terrified not only for the fire, but also for the people that in their efforts to escape would just run anywhere and push anyone. This lasted more than 20 minutes and to top it off, they lit up the figure of a bull that is run by the plaza in between the people to see who is the lucky burned one. I guess it resembles to bull runs in Spain, but in a more compassionate way towards the bulls.

We spend a second day in Melaque visiting the town, the internet café and the butcher shop. I had my first 8 pesos tacos in Mexico!! Yeeah!! Les than 80 cents each!!

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