Sunday, March 14, 2010

Off to Melaque

It has been a week or more and our time to be out of Mexico before Hurricane season is getting tight. We left Wednesday morning towards Melaque. Not much wind, but the swell was more than 10 feet and it was what they referred as mixed seas. Luckily it is only a few hours of this until we make it into the anchorage. In the way, we passed another vessel going in the same direction as Endurance, I could not imagine them having a pleasant time on board. It reminded me of my trials in the bath tub with rubber boats. Before we started our trip, in order to reduce my anxiety and while giving the kids a bath, I would disturb the waters to see what the behavior of those boats would be and I would fill them with water to see how much they would take before sinking. I know it was naïve and ignorant on my part, but the though of being drown in the ocean was one of my worse nightmares. I should not be sharing this. Our passage was not so bad because we had the main sail up and that helps to stabilize the boat giving us a smoother ride.

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